Institution Name: The Heritage Council of Ireland

Institute Description: State Agency set up by statute to propose heritage policy to government, we also have a grant giving role for heritage research, management and education.The Heritage Council funds the Discovery Programme which is the Irish archaeological research institute.

Country: Ireland

Approximate Collection Size (up to): 1000

Collection Scope: We are not set up to carry out archaeological survey per see but are a major funder of archaeological survey and research. In this capacity we have funded surveys of sites, landscapes, proper cataloguing etc of collections etc. We draw attention to the wealth of these archives e.g. private aerial photography collections, historic military and Irish Air Corps collections etc - see our review publication on this Air and Earth: A Review of Aerial Archaeology in Ireland

Geographic and Time Coverage: Nationwide - 1920-2010.

Media Format: Digital images

Accessibility: Access on request by e-mail

Address: The Heritage Council of Ireland, Church Lane, Kilkenny, Ireland



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