Institution Name: Ål bygdearkiv

Institute Description: Ål bygdearkiv is a private institution, partly fonded by local government, which over 30 years has been collecting reminiscences from the local community. These includes pictures, letters, recordings and documents.

Country: Norway

Approximate Collection Size (up to): 1000

Collection Scope: The collection is overall in the category of historic/cultural landscapes, from the farms in Ål. There are in addition a group of unbuild landscapes, basicly from the mountains of Ål. Norfly and Widerøe airlines fotographed each farm and then sold the pictures to Ål municipality.

Geographic and Time Coverage: The archive covers the municipality of Ål and the pictures are taken in 1954-55, in 1959 and in 1967.

Media Format: Photographic prints, negatives, digital images

Accessibility: The collection is alas not yet accessible over the internet.

Address: Ål bygdearkiv, Torget 1, N-3570 Ål, Norway



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