Institution Name: Dr. Scott Madrys private research archives

Institute Description: Private long-term research project

Country: France

Approximate Collection Size (up to): 1000

Collection Scope: Over 30 years of aerial archaeology research, including low level aerial survey, oblique and vertical black and white, color, false color infrared images, slides, prints, and scanned digital images. We also have 188 black and white 9 inch by 9 inch vertical aerial photographs dating from September, 1945, taken by the US Army Air Corps covering our entire research area with overlap providing stereo coverage. Some clouds exist. Several photos have been scanned, georeferenced, and entered into our project GIS, with features such as forest cover, water, etc. digitized.

Geographic and Time Coverage: Southern Burgundy, France, in Saone-et-Loire. Covering an area some 60 by 85 Km. The general area is from Autun, France in the north to Digoin, france, fron the Loire river, to the South, along the Arroux river valley.

Media Format: Photographic prints, digital images

Accessibility: Contact the P.I. for access. and

Address: Dr. Scott Madry, 402 Morgan Creek Road, Chapel Hill, NC  27517 USA

Website: and


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