Institution Name: School of Computing, University of Leeds

Institute Description: Research and teaching

Country: UK

Approximate Collection Size (up to): 1000

Collection Scope: Project specific. Diddington and Cirencester. This will include oblique and vertical aerial photographs, aerial hyperspectral (eagle, hawk and CASI), aerial LiDAR and hopefully satellite images.

Geographic and Time Coverage: Maximum coverage of 20km2 centered around Harnhill, CIrencester and Diddington Cambridgeshire, UK.

Media Format: Digital images

Accessibility: Open Access on flickr. Re-usable under a share-a-like CC licence. Unsure where hyperspectral and lidar will reside: possibly amazon cloud. All data will be usnder open re-use licences.

Address: School of Computing, University of Leeds, LS2 9JT, UK

Website: and


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