Institution Name: The Royal Library Copenhagen

Institute Description: National library

Country: Denmark

Approximate Collection Size (up to): more than 1,000,000

Collection Scope: Aerial Photography Collection is part of Dept of Maps, Pictures and Photographs. Collects both vertical and oblique pictures. Have most of the produced images from danish firms and institutions private as well as official. More than 4.000.000 unique pictures.

Geographic and Time Coverage: Denmark including some pictures from Greenland and Faroe Islands and a small number of foreign pictures received from collections at the Geographical Institute Copenhagen University. Aerial photographs from 1913-2009.

Media Format: photographs prints, negatives, microfiche, digital images

Accessibility: Access by personal visit – access on request by e-mail and part of it by website:

Physical access by appointment. Everybody can ask for pictures - small fee for investigation is refunded if pictures are bought. Many different collections with individual acccess. Many digitization projects under ways. Some of the collections are already digitized.

Address: The Royal Library, PO Box 2149, DK 1016 Copenhagen K, Denmark

Website: and a new project with aerial photographs:

200.000 images will be scanned and then georeferenced by the public. Until now 115.000 aerial photographs have been moved.



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