Institution Name: University of Pécs - Aerial Archaeological Archive of Pécs

Institute Description: The Aerial Archaeological Archive of Pécs is a nationwide collecting institute, accordingly the archive considers its task to widely extend its collection, to prepare and to public the collected records. We regard as indispensable to make a field-identification of the recorded areas, to establish an (aerial) archaeological topography. However our collection gives opportunity for aimed researches (for example, researching roman villas, prehistoric circle-ditches etc.)

Country: Hungary

Approximate Collection Size (up to): 50 000

Collection Scope: Survey of archaeological sites and historic/cultural landscapes.

Geographic and Time Coverage: The Aerial Archeological Archive of Pécs disposes presently over the biggest aerial archeological collection in Hungary. Since its establishment in 1994 we took over 40.000 images about several counties of Hungary. Most of our images have been taken in the counties of Bács-Kiskun, Tolna, Fejér and Győr-Moson-Sopron.

Media Format: Negatives, digital images

Accessibility: Access on request by e-mail (only to researchers).

Address: University of Pécs - Aerial Archaeological Archive of Pécs Hungary, 7624-H, Pécs, Rókus utca 2, Hungary



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