Institution Name: NIKU - The Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research

Institute Description: NIKU is an independent research foundation dedicated to cultural heritage research

Country: Norway

Approximate Collection Size (up to): 50 000

Collection Scope: Vertical photos taken for national mapping purposes from the 1960ies to late 1980ies. Our collection was used specifically for mapping visible cultural monuments. This was done in combination with field work.

Geographic and Time Coverage: The aerial photos cover large parts of the land area in East Norway. It is mainly cultivated areas that are covered while some outfield areas - especially mountain regions are left out.   The date range is app. 1950-1990 (mainly mid-1960's to late 1980's.

Media Format: Photographs prints

Accessibility: Photographic prints mapping cultural heritage accessible only through contact with NIKU. Air photo negatives may probably be accessible from Fjellanger Widerøe AS, Nor-Fly AS, Norsk luftfoto og fjernemåling IS or institutions which have taken over their archives, like Statens kartverk.

Address: NIKU, P.O. Box 736 Sentrum, NO-0105 Oslo, Norway



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