Institution Name: Kadaster

Institute Description: Kadaster, or the Dutch Land Registry Office, collects information about registered properties in the Netherlands, records them in public registers and in cadastral maps and makes this information available to members of the public, companies and other interested parties in society. Also, Kadaster is responsible for providing topographic information (paper maps as well as in digital form) in the scales 1:10,000 unto 1:1,000,000. Basis of the topographic mapping is aerial imagery.

Country: Netherlands

Approximate Collection Size (up to): 1 000 000

Collection Scope: The imagery is used for mapping purposes in scale 1:10,000.

Geographic and Time Coverage: The imagery covers the dutch country; more precisely the land-area coverd by the maps 1:25,000. The imagery is taken at low water tide. The first aerial images were taken in the past before the second world war. After the war until about 2000 there was an interval of 10, 7 and 5 years, dependant of the number of changes in the terrain. From about 2000 until 2008 half of the Netherlands was covered yearly. From 2009 the whole country is covered every year  on a high resolution (GSD 10 centimeters).

Media Format: photographs prints, negatives, digital images, digital mozaics.

Accessibility: Analogue imagery, until 2006, is available in Zwolle, Koggelaan 59, 8017JN. T: 088 183 2003. From 2001 digital mozaics are derived from these imagery with pixelsize 40 cm (georeferenced). From 2007 the imagery is in digital form (ground pixel about 30, 36 cm). All this imagery is available to the public and subject to a fee.

Address: Kadaster, Box 9046, 7300GH Apeldoorn, Netherlands. Hofstraat 110, 7311KZ Apeldoorn, Netherlands.



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