Institution Name: The Discovery Programme

Institute Description: The Discovery Programme is a public institution set up to pursue advanced research in Irish archaeology. The organization has two other associated functions: to communicate the results of its work to the general public as well as to the academic community.

Country: Ireland

Approximate Collection Size (up to): 5000

Collection Scope: Leo Swan's photographs which he bequeathed to the National Museum of Ireland, consist of approximately 5000 images including black and white negatives, colour negatives, colour transparencies, and prints. Taken between the late 1960's to the 1990's, primarily for the purpose of archaeological research, the images include archaeological sites and landscapes.

Geographic and Time Coverage: The images of archaeological sites and landscapes cover all periods from the Neolithic to the Post-Medieval, and cover most parts of Ireland with particular emphasis on the midlands including north Leinster and eastern Connacht, with a particular focus on counties Dublin, Meath, Westmeath and Louth. They also reflect Leo Swan's particular interest in medieval settlement.

Media Format: Photographs prints, negatives

Accessibility: (Access is currently unavailable as we are constructing a web interface for online viewing. Once this has been created we will provide details of its use)

Address: The Discovery Programme, 63 Merrion Square South, Dublin 2, Ireland



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